Monday, December 27, 2010

Sh sh sh shake it like a polaroid picture!

Well, day 3 of the bruise on my forehead. 
(Told you it would bruise)

I've been dancing NONSTOP.
Fo reals homeboy. 
Teach me how to Dougie?

Am I the only one who writes random things on foggy mirrors after taking a hot shower?
or on frosty windows....?
I heart my grandparents. 
They ROCK.

You see, I have this grandpa, and he's like what, 95 years old? Well, he's lopsided and he wears the funniest suspenders along with those artistic looking hats, he's just so cool.

If you haven't knocked yourself out, here's your chance to. Formspring me here.

Guess what I got for Christmas?

One for One.
Something from my bucket list:
Memorize all Nicki Minaj raps
"Excuse me? I'm sorry, I'm really such a lady. I rep young money, you know slim, baby?"
GRETCHEN. Stop trying to make fetch HAPPEN!
Such a dang good quotable movie.

Have you ever been to Tennessee? 
Are you from Tennessee? 'Cause you're the only ten I see.
I went this past summer, it's great.
AMAZING music. 
BEAUTIFUL sight-seeing.

So winter formal this year is Sadie Hawkins.
Yeah no.

California knows how to party.
Can't wait for college.  

 Pretty sure I devour Teavana's tea samples at their stores.
 Fact: I'm obsessed with tea.

Who wants to go do a project on Napoleon Bonaparte?
Not this girl.

Friday, December 24, 2010

P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

We did it, we did it, oh yeah yeah yeah!
No eating here tonight WOOO!
Eating here tonight 
No no no eating here tonight 
you're on a diet!

At the moment, 
0 day
8 hours
32 minutes
15 seconds 
"If I am the clock then you are the time I'm patiently waiting and your out of line, and I'll be the question if you'll be the answer....." - A Rocket to the Moon

Wednesday night was just inexplicable.
It. was. AMAZING.  
(I wouldn't trade it for anything)

You know Enrique Iglesias, right?
I was watching his music videos yesterday and my jaw dropped.

Are you kidding me? I LOVED that mole.

Listen to this --> Ritmo Total - Enrique Iglesias

Fail of the day?
Putting on my sweatshirt while walking through door frame and slamming my head on it. (That will bruise)


I love how awkward it is to run into acquaintances in public places. 
a) You stare them down until they smile or say "hey"
b) You quickly look away and hide behind a clothes rack
c) You take your phone out and pretend to be texting
d) Ignore them and pretend you didn't see them

So Hmong eggroles?
Holy crap. (I'm eating one as I blog) 
Sooooooooooo dang good.
Thank goodness for my diverse neighborhood

"Me? A princess? Shut up!"
"I beg your pardon!"

"You broke my glasses!"
"You broke my brush."

"Lily! Just stop it! Just because your hair sucks,
"Ouch, thank you." 

- The Princess Diaries  

It's time to party yo. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Love is our weapon.

Today, the sky frosted the Minnesota cake.
wow. okay. cool.
I'm moving to Cali or Florida or somewhere warm. 
Huntington Beach? I think so. I'd live with my baby, Chris. 

I've been pondering...
I actually want Christofer Ingle for Christmas.
I'm in trouble, I'm an addict, 'cause I'm his biggest fan and I'll love him more than he'll ever know. 
"Just like driving on an open highway, never knowing what we're gonna find, just like two kids, baby always trying to live it up whoa, yeah, that's our kind of love.."
 Our Kind Of Love - Lady Antebellum

Italian tile.
Egyptian chrome garbage can.
Sweet Baby Ray's.
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.
Freeze pops.
ahh, okay okay, we cool, we cool.

Is it just me or have you always thought the D in "Disney" was a back words G?

No dejes lo que puede hacer hoy para mañana.

Okay so you know my obessesion with lanterns?
SO stoked.

Check this music video out. Freaken hottie Asians.
the guy at 00:00:20 is my favorite.  

Wo ai ni, _________!
(insert your name)

Pretty sure I've lost about 1,023,698 bobby pins in my lifetime.
and counting....

I love Axe.
I love guys who wear Axe.
I love the smell of Axe chocolate.
I love Axe.  
(smells UNBELIEVABLY amazing.)

Who wants to be at the beach right now?
Drinking piña coladas
Swimming in the ocean
Sinking my feet in soft white sand
Playing beach volleyball
Dancing at night
Taking walks at sunset along the shore
 Oh hey, guess who's going to Venezuela this summer?


Whaddup, it's cookie-baking time.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I love the smell of cinnamon bagels in the morning.

For the past 9 minutes and 24 seconds, I've been trying to think of a "brill" British greeting to start of this son of a nutcracker (jacked that from ELF)...
Click HERE for some funny British slang terms.

Well, I got none. sorayyyy

This weekend we finally got our wood floors in our kitchen. SO HAPPY.
I woke up to
*CLACK*      *BANG*      *SLAM*
You could say I got PLENTY of sleep this weekend...
On the bright side, we got cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera every morning. WIN.

mornings, mornings, mornings.
they're just so great.
Oh, speaking of mornings...
Listen to this --> Sunday Morning by Maroon 5
".....Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable..."

I want (________) for Christmas.
(insert my special someone's name here)
"All I want for Christmas is youuuuuuuu"

Is it just me, or wouldn't you love to escape somewhere like..

Secretive and scandy.

Something from my bucket list:
- To buy an Island. Somewhere in the Caribbean possibly?
I'm not sure, but I will get one. It will be one kick ass island. Just sayin'...

Yesterday we made cookies...
was a fail.
But I did make a JibJab face.

If you haven't gotten a chance to freaking Elf yourself,
Just do it, you won't regret it.

Most annoying and overplayed commercial advertisement?
You've probably memorized it just like I have.

I have recently discovered that Trader Joe's have these Oreo like cookies with peppermint filling....
No comment. They're unreal. Try them yourself.
(If you know me, you know I'd use the "O" word...hehe)

You know what would be über wicked?
If you could be an avatar for a day. (all shiny and shiz)
No, fo reals, that would be just unbelievable.
Or being in a video game? Possibly Mario Kart?( I love that game)
Wii is the way to go.

Dance Dance Revolution. 
Is there DDR with Latin songs? 'Cause I'd buy that in a heart beat. 

"...Sick of all that insincere,  so I'm gonna GIVE ALL YOUR SECRETS AWAY" (It's an edited version.)
Hatorade. Is it in you?
I'm not a hater, I actually despise that word. 
Use something like,
greatly dislike
allergic to?

 Ya picking up what I'm putting down?
kay kool.
Is it just me or is the radio overplayed?
Overrated too.
Jeez, I've got those songs memorized like you have your beloved
others' Facebook page memorized. 

Well, why you ponder some things, imma go paint some walls.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh my lantern.

Yeah, I'm a hufflepuff. [Along with my abnormal friend, James] 

Today I realized how amused I am by lanterns. 
(New obessession)
Take a look at how trippy these things are. 
So colorful. So enchanting. 

So I ran across my name on Urban Dictionary today....
The definitions speak for themselves. *giggles*

I'd consider living in New York City.
Yeah, rent's pretty expensive, but it would be wicked living there.
If you haven't gone there, I'm booking you a flight to JFK. 

If you know (me), you know I listen random music. 
From now on, I'll post a random song on every blog post.

 The Wolves - Ellie Goulding <-- Listen to it.

This is a special shout out the the Wrase Family.
I love y'all.
I'm bloggin' like a login. 

I actually love this show. 

Michael: Oscar, you brought your Speedo, I assume.
Oscar: I don't wear a Speedo, Michael.
Michael: Well, you can't swim in leather pants.

This summer, my goal was to go on a hot air balloon...yeah, that didn't really happen. 
I'm gonna start making my bucket list. 
This should be REAL interesting.  

I've got a doozy for ya.
Back in the old days, when I was a young whipper-snapper, my mom use to pack me home lunch every once in a while.
One day, a (grilled cheese sandwich) day, my mom packed me home lunch, but I wasn't aware of that. She thinks home lunch is healthy and that I should eat it more often. 
Anyways, I booked it to the front of the line to get my grilled cheese. 
Ahhh, I was a happy child. 
After school on my way home, I was looking through my back pack when I realized my mom packed me home lunch.
I was fah-reaking out at this point! So I quickly opened it and started eating my tuna sandwich with carrots and a juice box....hahaha, I'm a loser. Don't hate though.
 (Just thought I might share this. It makes me laugh every time I think how unbelievable I was)

With a taste of your lips
I'm on a ride
You're toxic, I'm slipping under
With a taste of poison paradise
I'm addicted to you
Don't you know that you're toxic?
And I love what you do
Don't you know that you're toxic?

 WARNING: highly addictive song 

I'm gonna go dress my build-a-bear...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Breaking crayons, but taping them back together.

You know what really ticks (this girl) off?
Fo reals homeboy.
(there are too many examples) 
Sorry to start off with some angst.

On the bright side,
"'Cause I'm (Mrs.) Brightside..." - The Killers 

I look forward to 11:11 am everyday at school.
No, not because I get to make desperate little wishes, but, because it's LUNCH TIME!
(Also known as my favorite class.)

Just wanna say, that I miss carb-ups.
( For y'all that don't know what they are, you are missing out.)
"All my life, I had a lump at the back of my throat. I started menopausy and the lump got bigger because of the hormonies started to grow. So, I went to the doctor and he did dibo-bop-dibobop-sy, and inside the lump he found teeth and a spinal cord. Yes, inside the lump....WAS MY TWIN!"
- Aunt Voula, My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Me: Awww, TJ I love your chubby cheeks and your cancerous mole!
TJ: (all PO'd) IT'S BENIGN!

na na na na na na na na na na na na na na
"If I could fall into the sky, do you think time would pass me by? 'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles if I could just see you tonight"

"For the amount I eat, I should be obese!"
"My love handles are on your lap. Just wait, I'm heating up some pita bread for you under my roll."
"Nah, her and I exchange fluids all the time."
"He's got a banging bod. Just wanna eat him up."  
(haha, sorry if these sound nast to you, you had to be there to get it.)

*Looks both ways while throwing the garbage away* (TJ)

More lunch quotes to come...

Holy cats and jammer kids! (Taken from Bordwell)
Blogging is quite some addiction. Legit.

Mozilla Firefox > Internet Explorer

I just realized every time I open a new page of (Firefox), first thing I type in the URL....
So, Sean and I are making a bet.
See who will go without Facebook the longest. (haha, this should be interesting)
I have never really come to the conclusion why that website is so addictive.

My hot chocolate is cold now...(blame it on the b-b-b-b-blog)

If you see some broken crayons, tape them back together.
Bring an umbrella too.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just a tails up.

here goes my fourth post. Don't be hatin', lovers.
Point of this post?
To let you know that the blog starts from the bottom and works it's way up.
Hey, you'd guess it starts at the top, right?
 I'm sorry if you already knew this.
Just trying to throw you a bone...
Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm a freak. 

I don't believe curiousity killed the cat.

HA HA HA ha ha HA.
Well, if you're a blogger expert like (this girl), then you have probably noticed I've blogged 3 times in one day.
No, I'm not a [noob] and DEFINITELY not a [nub].
Indeed a rookie though.
                                                                                             Fact: I don't like cats.
It should be "Curiosity killed the cow."
Just sayin'.

hi there halvo.
Just thought he'd light up this blog with some holiday spirit. 
He can REALLY rock that sweater. 
(FYI- Halvo's from A Rocket To The Moon)

Now if only I could remember where I put my gum.... 

That's all for now. I'll catch you on the bright side, homeskillet. 

Random epiphany.

I woke up the other day, not feeling like P-Diddy, but thinking how wicked it would be if I had a slide from my bedroom wall that led to a pool.
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh boy. Is that kind of impossible? Nah, just my absurd mind running wild. 
I'd just like to let you know, that I tend to digress a LITTLE bit.
I. E. "I'm craving some techno music--GAH! THAT GINGER TOOK MY BREAD!" (hehe, 'tis punny)

You smell what I'm stepping in? 
But I'm not perfect. So, if this bloggo isn't your cup of tea, feel free to click away [X]

Funny the idea of starting a blog came in the midst of typing up notes for my Industrialization Revolution test, suffering from getting my braces tightened, and Facebook fasting. (aka, not going on Facebook for a week to prove to myself  I'm not obsessed with it.)
It's good to have a friend jump off a cliff with you, right?



Oh hey there,
Bienvenidos a mi bloggo! (Is that how it's said in Spanish?) me, I'm taking zhong wen now. You know how I do. 

I've become a blogger. 
I use to think I didn't have the time...FALSE.
Clearly I do. 
(nothing wrong with that)
you become my follower --> you become my best friend. 
no seriously. xD

(if you were ever wonder what I think about...)