Saturday, January 22, 2011

Eyes like a shutter, mind like a lens.

"Don't ever stop smiling, because you never know who might be falling in love with your smile."

Eyes like a shutter, mind like a lens.
I'll give it a try. Seems reliable.
You know you love me.
Hard to find, but lucky to have.
Helping a bro out. Nbd.
I really wonder this. Sometimes I'd like to be able to read minds.
"That's why her hair is so big. It's full of secrets."
Oh, wild life.
Here's your warning.
Midnight fairy tails.
Therapy was never a friend to me.

Why is the rum always gone?
I dig.
I find Ferris wheel rides at night to be so enchanting and romantic.
If you're the bird, then I'm the worm.
Come on Barbie let's go party.
You make me smile like the sun.
Kisses in the woods.
Story of my life.
Rockin' the Ray bans.
M.I.M.S. Music Is My Soul
I got a song for ya.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Promises are promises.

"I promise to stay, if you promise to never leave me."
I'll admit I've broken promises, but I vow to never break any again. 
(I promise. Mark my words)
Oh, and as for lies, REAL EYES REALIZE REAL LIES. (just an fyi)

Yeah yeah, it's getting kind of old. How about trust?
Listen to the wise.
And did I get it? No.
Don't disappoint me.
As long as you don't change.
People are just lies with pretty ribbons tied around them.
You don't need directions.
I'm trusting you.
Don't lose what you love.
Pound it if you agree.
They should know what their talking about, right?
Choose wisely.
We need a clean up on aisle "Dirty soul".
True that.
How smart a person can be. Then again, how dumb a person can be.
You know what I'm talking about.
Promise yourself. If you break your own promise, you're likely to break others.
I will be okay.
Remember, for the rest of your life.
Do it.

Truth is the best. It's actually as simple as that.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Your body is a wonderland.

People magazine recently issued their "Top 100 Sexiest Men"
Well, I couldn't resist it, so here goes MY Top 20 Sexiest Men.
 (in random order...'cept Ryan, he's for sure first)
Try not to drool.

Ryan Reynolds - Since the day I watched The Proposal, I fell in love.
Mark Wahlberg - He might be old, but he still manages to look fly.
Jake Gyllenhaal- This kid is downright adorable. I adore him and those piercing blue eyes.
Cam Gigandet - Whichever movie he stars in, he's got such a devilish smile. It's attractive.
Channing Tatum - Y'all should know he's an attractive one. She's the man, need I say more?
Cristiano Ronaldo - He's a soccer player, what do you expect?
Enrique Iglesias - Mmmm, he's gorgeous. Just wanna be with him.
David Beckham - Let's just say he's a British babe.

Zac Efron - Disney star or not, I could care less, he's always going to be adorable.
Aaron Johnson - Yeah, that's right, IT'S KICK-ASS.
Adrian Peterson - Reppin' FINE Minnesotans.
Ryan Gosling - He's just so sweet in The Notebook.
Kellan Lutz - He's a sexy vampire.
Justin Timberlake - We got a package. Amazing voice + attractive guy = WIN.
Johnny Depp - He's a classic. Pirates of the Caribbean? I think YES.
Joe Jonas - He will always be my seventh grade sweetheart.
Pauly D - Probably the most genuine of the shore.
Taylor Lautner - Look at those pelvis lines...DANG!
Mario Lopez - Don't know too well, but he's pretty hot.
Ryan Lochte -  He's a swimmer. 'Nuff said.