Saturday, January 15, 2011

Your body is a wonderland.

People magazine recently issued their "Top 100 Sexiest Men"
Well, I couldn't resist it, so here goes MY Top 20 Sexiest Men.
 (in random order...'cept Ryan, he's for sure first)
Try not to drool.

Ryan Reynolds - Since the day I watched The Proposal, I fell in love.
Mark Wahlberg - He might be old, but he still manages to look fly.
Jake Gyllenhaal- This kid is downright adorable. I adore him and those piercing blue eyes.
Cam Gigandet - Whichever movie he stars in, he's got such a devilish smile. It's attractive.
Channing Tatum - Y'all should know he's an attractive one. She's the man, need I say more?
Cristiano Ronaldo - He's a soccer player, what do you expect?
Enrique Iglesias - Mmmm, he's gorgeous. Just wanna be with him.
David Beckham - Let's just say he's a British babe.

Zac Efron - Disney star or not, I could care less, he's always going to be adorable.
Aaron Johnson - Yeah, that's right, IT'S KICK-ASS.
Adrian Peterson - Reppin' FINE Minnesotans.
Ryan Gosling - He's just so sweet in The Notebook.
Kellan Lutz - He's a sexy vampire.
Justin Timberlake - We got a package. Amazing voice + attractive guy = WIN.
Johnny Depp - He's a classic. Pirates of the Caribbean? I think YES.
Joe Jonas - He will always be my seventh grade sweetheart.
Pauly D - Probably the most genuine of the shore.
Taylor Lautner - Look at those pelvis lines...DANG!
Mario Lopez - Don't know too well, but he's pretty hot.
Ryan Lochte -  He's a swimmer. 'Nuff said.