Saturday, January 22, 2011

Eyes like a shutter, mind like a lens.

"Don't ever stop smiling, because you never know who might be falling in love with your smile."

Eyes like a shutter, mind like a lens.
I'll give it a try. Seems reliable.
You know you love me.
Hard to find, but lucky to have.
Helping a bro out. Nbd.
I really wonder this. Sometimes I'd like to be able to read minds.
"That's why her hair is so big. It's full of secrets."
Oh, wild life.
Here's your warning.
Midnight fairy tails.
Therapy was never a friend to me.

Why is the rum always gone?
I dig.
I find Ferris wheel rides at night to be so enchanting and romantic.
If you're the bird, then I'm the worm.
Come on Barbie let's go party.
You make me smile like the sun.
Kisses in the woods.
Story of my life.
Rockin' the Ray bans.
M.I.M.S. Music Is My Soul
I got a song for ya.



  1. Haha... This just made my day! I am stressed because it's finals week and I have A LOT to do. Then I was like "You know what self? You need to calm down. You can do that by "Catching Some Drifts." So I found my self here. Now much of my stress has gone and I am happy again!

  2. Awwwwweee thanks, Topher! You just made my day! :)