Tuesday, January 11, 2011

(life moves fast)

What's the date?
Frankly, I have no idea. Life has been moving by insanely quickly.

So during school, this girl gets really hungry, like ALL THE TIME, so I asked my mom to pack me some snacks...hehe, and guess what I found in my backpack pocket...DORA THE EXPLORER FRUIT SNACKS! 
highlight of my day...YES.


This girl and her BFF are officially StudyBuddies. 
I'm so excited. Little kids are such a riot. 

Ya know how I had a lameski Napoleon project?
(Well not quite, but ya know what I mean)

I enjoy adrenaline rushes.
Yup, this is on my bucket list.

Are you willing to try it? If you're interested, let me know, we'll go together.

Speaking of adrenaline rushes, when I grow up, I wanna get a super wicked yellow motorcycle.
I could do the take-off-helmet-and-whip-hair thing. 

Have you noticed the new blog profile picture?
It DEFINITELY makes this blog just SO MUCH BETTER.
Am I right or am I right?

 Did someone say right? Time for song of the blog.

Okay hold the phone, I'm pretty sure I started this blog half an hour ago, it's only 5:30 and it's dark outside...? 
Ha, that only calls for one thing.
SUMMER. (I probably could talk about how much I love summer, but it would be endless.)

Am I a fan of mixed signals? 
You have noooooo idea how much it ticks me off.
You think one thing, but it's not what you think.
Am I a fan of meddlers?
I feel like I'm in Hollywood.
Where you invited to my BBQ? No.
Then why are you all up in my grill?
We are the dirty, wasted youth.
Not really. But if you make wise decisions, then count yourself out. 

I really wish some people would never change. 
Truthfully, I like you how you were before. 
Before those lies.
Before your new self.
Before your second face. 
But, I can't do anything about it, I'd just like reminiscing the good times we had together. 
Now, I feel like they're not even worth remembering. 

Keep on trucking.
I gotchuuuuuu. 
Just wanna say that I'd like to marry Fernando Torres.
Attractive? I think so. (He's mine FYI)
Oh you fancy, huh?
Two of my friends have Spain soccer jerseys.
Yeah, they won't be finding it in their closets anymore.
Mhmm, snatching yo shirts.

I'm sure you'd like to hear more of my music, eh?

Yay, for 3 day weekends. 

Wanna read a blog that's awesome like mine?
If I like it, you'll like it.

The Wii is calling.

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