Friday, January 7, 2011

Can you meet me halfway?

It's been one hell of a long week.
Sorry for the profanity. Just helps me emphasize the reality of it.

I enjoy looking at my nails. They're currently navy blue with sparkles on top. 
They'll change in a week or so. 

SO FAR, SO GOOD. (2011)

I really regret quitting piano.
Now, I feel like I don't have music in my life.
(Actually, that's false because I have very good taste in music)
I'd actually like to learn how to play the guitar, furthermore, the Ukulele.
Hmmmmm... I wonder who plays the Ukulele?
Check out Never Shout Never's album, Me and my Uke.
Have I ever mentioned how much I DESPISE school food?
Well, I do.
Me being a swimmer, I think I'd need more food than a
four little chicken nuggets and a bag of pretzels.
How in the name are you going to feed a person with that amount of food?
And the price? A freaken bag of chips is like two bucks. Whaddel.

The crew is back at the shore.
 "She's looks exactly like Snookie. Four feet tall, short, little like a meatball." -Sammie
It's depressing taking down holiday decorations. 
Well, let's see what there is to look forward to:
- Lockout next Friday.
- Heart week. Like I said, it's adorbs.
- My birthday. 
- End of the school year. 
- Venezuela. 
 Pretty decent, eh? 

"Can you meet me halfway, right at the borderline? Is where I'm gonna wait for you." - The Black Eyed Peas

Next year for Halloween, imma be a killjoy with my MCR fan friends. 

I need my freaking license ASAP.
It's such a necessity in a teenage girl's life.

Yo homes, what happened to ponchos and gauchos...?

 Alright, check this picture out.
 What do you think it is?
My first thought was like a spidery cotton web. 
Turns out it's a bare eyeball. 
We've got some microscopic jazz all up in this grill.

I really hope we go to Fogo de Chao sometime soon. 
It's heaven over there.

Celebrating Christmas with, The Office.

Story of my life.
hahahhahahhahahahahahaahahaha. That's all I have to say.

The other day I got a text from my friend saying,
"Attention hispanics in 2011, 
we no longer say "LOL", that's
for white people. Now we say
"AQF, Ay Que Funny."

I actually LOLed after reading this.

Hahahaa I was creeping on some hottie's pictures,
and he was RIPPED. 
It said, taken in's 2011, need I say more?

Rah-rah Rasputin, lover of the Russian Queen.
Imma go dance.